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Welcome to Global IME Bank Personalized Card

Custom Image

Personalized Card Product enable to print cards as per the wishes of the customers.

This is a process to customize white-label products, which designs as per the wishes of the customers. A complete card package can be printed as per the image given by customers. Personalized Card product can be used to achieve multiple strategic goals:

  • Attraction on the privilege account with tied up Personalized Card.
  • Attraction of high-net-worth customer with personalized card service.
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention.
  • Higher activation rates and usage.
  • Increase the revenues from card subscription.
  • Image SizeYour image must be at least 100x100 pixels
  • Quality ImageUse a high quality image - the better your image, the better your final card will look. Picture files can be either JPEG (.jpg), PNG
  • Upload TimePlease note: the bigger the picture you choose, the longer it will take to upload
Pricing For GIBL personalized card
  • I agree to the deduction of subscription/renewal/replacement fee of NPR 750.00 for GIBL personalized card.